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Multiplayer co-op update for prehistoric builder Sapiens released

July 19th, 2024 – Majic Jungle is excited to reveal that the highly-anticipated Multiplayer Update for prehistoric city builder Sapiens launches today! Team up with friends to construct sprawling cities and collectively manage resources! Explore vast lands larger than Earth itself as you navigate unique landscapes and climates with your tribe.

Sapiens invites players to forge alliances and reshape their environment for the better. Unite with friends to build anything from towering citadels with fortified bastions to humble grass huts to make you and your tribe feel at home. Discover together and learn how to mold the world around you, which has now expanded to cover the globe. Manage the roles of your tribe members and experiment with farming, crafting, and woodworking to build your dream prehistoric civilization.

Multiplayer Update Features:

  • Build Big Together: Every player gets their own tribe in multiplayer. Working together allows you to build major trading hubs, hospitals, and other large-scale builds that would be impossible to build alone. 
  • No More Borders: With the launch of the Multiplayer Update the map has expanded to cover the whole world, allowing for completely free exploration on a global scale. 
  • Complex Interactions: NPC tribes are now controlled by AI and act independently. Moving near other tribes gives access to trading and new resources. Tribes also specialize in one of four industries: Rock tools, bread, pottery, and bronze.

The Sapiens Multiplayer Update launches on Steam today! Those eager to lead their own tribe can begin their journey with Sapiens now via Steam Early Access. Join the official Discord to stay up to date on all of the prehistoric happenings.

About Majic Jungle

Majic Jungle is the work of solo developer Dave Frampton. Dave has been making games for nearly 20 years, with the success of each major release funding the development of the next. He has combined this passion with many years of experience to create his debut PC title and culmination of his career – Sapiens. Dave is excited to lead Sapiens to its full potential, through early access and beyond.

New Update for For The King II now available

London, July 5th, 2024 – Curve Games and IronOak Games have unveiled Dark Carnival, an infinite dungeon mode designed to push fans’ skills to their limits. In this mode players must uncover the secrets of the Ringmaster and face the many challenges the Dark Carnival presents. The deeper you go, the more twisted it becomes. For the King II is available on Steam. Download it today and see how many floors you can conquer before meeting your inevitable demise!

“We are passionately dedicated to making For the King II the best experience it can be for our community. The team has been listening to feedback and working hard to bring new content to players with the Dark Carnival update. We truly hope you enjoy the new mode, and the re-introduction of Bards”, said Sterling Anderson, the Studio Director at IronOak Games.

Watch the new For the King II Book of Lore video which delves into the mysteries of the Carnival and gives players a crash course in everything weird and wonderful that the Dark Carnival has to offer.

Inspired by tabletop adventures, For The King II builds on the hugely popular blend of strategy, turn-based combat and roguelite replayability and combines an epic new experience that includes the most requested fan feature by far: four-player co-op. For The King II delivers a continuation of the narrative arc for fans of the original and offers brand-new combat mechanics and features, a host of new biomes to explore and much more.

To learn more about For the King II please visit the official Steam product page here and follow us on Twitter, Reddit and Discord.


London, UK – 2nd July 2024 – Outright Games, the leading publisher of family-friendly interactive entertainment, in collaboration with Hasbro, a leading toy and game company, are thrilled to reveal first details of their upcoming video game TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials. Developed by 3DClouds and based on the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand, this unique racing adventure game, with rogue-lite elements, will give fans an intense fusion of arcade racing and robot combat. TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials will release on 11th October 2024, and will be available to play on PlayStation 4®, PlayStation 5®, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

After the evil NEMESIS PRIME steals the Prime Relics, the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS must set out on a rip-roaring adventure to recover these artifacts and control the powers they bestow. Fans can play as iconic AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS, including Bumblebee, Megatron, Elita-1 and Optimus Prime and race across battle-race circuits to collect relics and beat opponents. The gameplay incorporates both traditional arcade racing in vehicle form and dynamic combat in bot-form, as players must defeat enemies and make it to the finish line.

As players progress and collect new relics, they will level up their skills and unlock new iconic playable characters and skins. Two game modes are available; play Galactic Trials to progress through levels and collect relics in single-player mode. In Arcade mode, grab a friend with 2-player, local multiplayer and enter a quick race, creating a custom racing experience with your track, character and weapons, or enter location-based specialized tournaments.

Watch the announcement trailer here

It has been a pleasure to continue our collaboration with Hasbro and return to the world of TRANSFORMERS”, said Stephanie Malham, Managing Director of Outright Games. “With 2024 marking the 40th anniversary of this iconic IP, we are very excited to be releasing the first ever console racing video game in the franchise’s history. With the inclusion of rogue-lite elements, TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials’s gameplay complements the dynamic Transformers robots.”

As TRANSFORMERS celebrates its 40th year alongside the theatrical premiere of its first fully CG-animated film, TRANSFORMERS ONE, we are proud to continue our collaboration with Outright Games to unveil an epic journey that speaks to the enduring legacy of the iconic brand,” said Eugene Evans, SVP Digital Strategy and Licensing at Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. “With immersive gameplay, and a storyline that resonates with fans old and new, TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials is sure to ignite excitement. Through this all-new TRANSFORMERS racing experience, we continue to expand our digital offerings through strategic licensing and internal development and we can’t wait for TRANSFORMERS fans to see what else we have in store.”

TRANSFORMERS started life as a toy-line in 1984 and has gone on to depict the epic battle between the Autobots and Decepticons across movies, TV shows, comic books, innovative toys, and digital media. Now celebrating its 40th anniversary, the TRANSFORMERS franchise is a global powerhouse spanning generations that has produced over 10 feature films, with the upcoming film TRANSFORMERS: One expected to hit cinemas this September, and countless video games, making it a household name around the world.

TRANSFORMERS: Galactic Trials will be coming to PS4®, PS5®, Nintendo Switch™, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam on 11th October 2024. Physical editions are now available to pre-order from specialist retailers.