Sniper Elite 4

Hitler looking through binocularsSniper Elite 4, developed by Rebellion, is scheduled to be released for the Nintendo Switch on November 17th. The game takes place in World War 2 Italy, where you’ll be tasked with killing hundreds of Nazis and blowing up countless trucks and tanks. Playing as Karl Fairburne, you’ll use every weapon at your disposal to take down the enemy and help turn the tide of the war.


Every level is packed with weapons to defeat your enemies. Beyond the various sniper rifles, you can also use pistols, SMGs, mines, grenades, rocket launchers, and your own fists to take down enemies. Like its predecessors, Sniper Elite 4 features the unique “X-Ray kill cam” ability. When you hit a target with a sniper rifle, the camera will move with the bullet in slow motion and show the internal damage that the bullet does to the body of who gets shot. These cinematic moments help the game feel unique.Sneaking up on a target


Sniper Elite 4 takes you across very different parts of Italy. Sometimes you’ll be in a warm forest or you’ll be on a snow-capped mountain. You’ll find yourself in small villages, in large cities, and in massive Nazi bases. Each level is fleshed out and unique so you’ll be excited to see what the next level will have to offer. The DLC even has a level where you actually hunt Adolf Hitler. Sniper Elite continues to provide a fun experience for gomers who are looking for a shooter that keeps you engaged and excited to see the next level.

Sniper overlooking Italian landscape