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Golf Club: Wasteland

This is no ordinary golfing game: it’s a surrealist post-apocalyptic golfing game.

You walk and jetpack your way around the remainders of life on earth as you play ball.

To be released on September 3 by the publisher Demagog Studio on Steam.

The story of Earth’s last hurrah is told from multiple points of view, building as the game progresses.

The Game has 3 different modes, from casual to expert.

The art style has a dream-like vibe, with the haziness and destruction of the background fitting perfectly with the depopulated planet that used to be our own

From the Steam Page

Blaseball’s Boom

Musicals and Music video, fan animations and artwork…. for a fantasy baseball browser game?

It’s indeed the case!

Blaseball is an absurdist online baseball game that was split into “seasons” (a la Apex Legends) with a rulebook with chunks that are redacted for the player. There’s a shop with in-game items purchased with in-game money won by backing teams, similar to various irl fantasy leagues.

The trick with this game is the unusual stats, the ability for you (as a player) to vote on actions of the teams or rules of the game, and “blessings” (random powerups) get randomly assigned to the blaseball players on the teams, like “performance enhancing demons” and “bloodlust”.

The trick is both in choice making, and knowing the players enough to decide which teams to bet on.

For fans, the joy is in the story telling, the characters, the competition, and the eagerness of waiting for your team to win.

Rocket League

Rocket league was originally released for Microsoft Windows and PS4 on July 7th of 2015 by the California-based game studio Psyonix. Over the years, the game has been released on various other platforms including Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Mac, and even Linux. Last September, Rocket League became free-to-play, opening access to the widest range of players as possible. There are tens of millions of people around the world that have played this game. As time progressed, there have been plenty of cosmetic additions and ways to personalize your vehicle. However, the core gameplay has remained unchanged. The game still remains as simple yet intensely competitive as ever.

There are tons of gamemodes in Rocket League. You can go head to head or play in teams. There are many other rules that can be changed as well.

The Soccer of the Future

What exactly is Rocket League? Ultimately, it’s a futuristic sports game where rocket-powered cars are trying to push a ball into a goal, similar to soccer. During gameplay, the player(s) control the vehicle and utilize a robust physics system to try to outmaneuver their opponent(s) and score on them. Rocket League’s advanced physics system simulates realistic  interactions between the cars and the ball. Momentum and mass are relevant factors during collisions and it can take a great deal of skill and experience to truly master the game. Let alone the tons of additions to the game through free updates and DLC, there was already a great deal of singleplayer and multiplayer content in the base game during its release. Season mode takes the player through a singleplayer campaign where they can unlock customizations for their vehicle and new playable maps. You can also play online in many different types of matches that uniquely fit with the playstyle of your choosing.

Some of the DLC add very well-made customization options, like this Batmobile.


There are two major reasons that Rocket League has stood the test of time. Firstly, the long-standing interest that has been captured by the online gaming community has played a big role in the game’s continued focus from Psyonix. Several thousands of players have spent countless hours competing in the ranked mode to climb the very competitive ladder to the top. There is still a very dedicated fanbase for this game over five years after its release date. Secondly, the stream of updates and DLC for Rocket League has kept people checking in to see what’s new. The full list of free updates and DLC is very expansive and broad. Generally, they add a wide variety of customization options and new game modes. Through partnerships with other brands like DC Comics, How Wheels, and the NFL just to name a few, there are tons of ways for a player to personalize their vehicle. There are also a wide variety of maps and gamemodes that keep gameplay fresh and interesting. If you’ve never tried the game out, now is the perfect time. Considering it’s free-to-play and been refined for years, there’s plenty of fun content to be enjoyed.


NHL 19

NHL 19


14th September 2018 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) has released EA SPORTS™ NHL® 19, introducing players to the World of CHEL where you compete in the great outdoors and journey from the pond to the pros. Powered by the revolutionary RPM Tech gameplay technology, NHL ® 19 delivers all-new skating and collision physics systems that make gameplay look, feel and play much better. Over 200 playable hockey Legends gives you a chance to compete with and against the greatest players to ever lace up the skates.

“NHL ® 19 is the first time we’ve been able to build and deliver an experience that spans beyond the pros and lets fans enjoy all forms of hockey

– from frozen parking lot ponds, to big outdoor festivals, all the way up to the arenas of the pros,” said Sean Ramjagsingh, Senior Producer, NHL ® 19. “We’re also incredibly excited about the level of innovation that RPM Tech adds to gameplay, which we were able to gather incredible feedback around during our Open Beta to ensure that NHL ® 19 is the best-playing EA SPORTS NHL game we’ve ever built.”

In NHL ® 19, you compete on outdoor ponds under a unified progression hub called World of CHEL that unites EA SPORTS Hockey League, NHL® THREES Drop-In and two new game modes, NHL® ONES and Pro-Am. NHL® ONES pits three players against each other in a festival-like king of the hill tournament featuring fast-paced, 1v1v1, free-for-all fun, with no rules and no stoppages. Players win games to rank up to new outdoor locations and defend their position on daily leaderboards. Progression and rewards earned in World of CHEL can be applied to each player’s Create-A-Character, allowing them to personalise their gameplay with new player traits and abilities, as well as express their individuality with over 900 new customisation items.

The Technology

At the core of NHL 19 is cutting-edge Real Player Motion (RPM) Technology in gameplay, which redefines the way movement and animations are showcased. Influenced by speed and creativity in today’s game, RPM Tech enables explosive-edge skating, giving players more control, faster acceleration and more responsiveness as they move up and down the ice, creating the most responsive gameplay in franchise history. RPM Tech is paired with a new collision physics system that introduces more contextual body-checking, bringing bigger, badder, jaw-dropping hits that are dynamic based on speed, size and point of impact.


In NHL 19, You can pay homage to the hockey’s stars of the past with the inclusion of Legends, featuring over 200 of the greatest players from all eras, including Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Patrick Roy, Teemu Selanne, Peter Forsberg, Jean Beliveau and more. Players can compete as Hero Teams that combine squads of superstars from the past and present for an ultimate fantasy matchup. Play with the best of the best from all eras in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Hockey culture shines in NHL 19 as players can create unique looks with lifestyle gear and apparel for the first time. Hoodies, jackets, parkas, winter knits, and more are available to wear on the ponds, including authentic apparel from brands like Adidas.

EA SPORTS, Battlefield, The Sims, Need for Speed, Dragon Age, and Plants vs. Zombies are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. John Madden, NFL and FIFA are the property of their respective owners and used with permission.

NHL and the NHL Shield are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. All Rights Reserved.

Collegiate Esports

Collegiate Esports

Collegiate Starleague

Collegiate Esports Players Competing for Over $100,000 in Scholarships at 2018 Grand Finals

Los Angeles CA: April 19, 2018 – The Collegiate StarLeague (CSL) is excited to announce the top teams competing at the 2018 North American Grand Finals on April 28-29. The two day tournament will take place at Ultimate Media Ventures in Huntington Beach, California and will feature top collegiate esports players from across North America competing for more than $100,000 in scholarships.

The finalists include teams from:

  • Dota 2 : McMaster University, Rochester Institute of Technology, UC Davis and Stony Brook University
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive : Virginia Commonwealth University, Robert Morris University, CUNY Baruch and UCLA
  • League of Legends: Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, Robert Morris University and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign

The event features a first-of-its-kind collegiate Fortnite tournament, an Overwatch invitational, Vainglory invitation, open beta access to Quake Champions and Super Smash Bros for Wii U and Melee West Divisionals. Guests can also experience a speaker series, meet and greet and a collegiate gaming festival with music, food and entertainment.

Twitch, through the Twitch Student program, will be the exclusive streaming and distribution partner for the Grand Finals.

For more information, or to follow the live action, see .

About The Collegiate StarLeague 
Collegiate StarLeague, a division of WorldGaming, is the world’s largest collegiate gaming league.  Since 2009, it has awarded over $400,000 in scholarship money to student gamers from around the world.  It has over 38,000 registered players across 1,500 registered schools.  For more information, visit



Play The Game! #gamesweekberlin 2018 from 23 – 29 April is expecting around 15,000 visitors..

GAMESWEEKBERLIN, 17 April, 2018.

Berlin is poised to become the capital of the games world: around 15,000 visitors are expected to attend #gamesweekberlin 2018 which will kick off Monday (23 April) with the Opening Gala and the presentation of the newly created Medienpreis Games at Säälchen (Holzmarktstr. 25) in Berlin. Twelve individual events for both gaming enthusiasts and representatives of the games industry are gathered under the umbrella brand which combines different aspects, subjects and target groups of the sector.


Berlin as the city with the highest concentration of games companies in Germany is the ideal venue for #gamesweekberlin. An indication of the popularity of games in Germany is shown by the most recent figures from game, the association of the German games industry. In 2017, the German games market posted growth of 15% to more than 3.3 billion Euros turnover and thus surpassed the 3 billion Euros mark for the first time.


At a press conference on 16 April, 2018, the organisers and partners of #gamesweekberlin introduced the extensive and wide-ranging programme of the twelve events, presented the latest figures for the sector, and also launched the new English-language platform „Games Capital Berlin“ (www.gamescapitalberlin ) which serves as an important information tool for the German and international games industry to provide information about Berlin in its role as a games hub.

eSports and More

Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin: “I hope the participants of the #gamesweekberlin will have exciting events and a good time in Berlin. The field of games is part of our city’s great innovative potential and has significantly gained in importance in recent years. This has also resulted in Berlin developing, among other things, into an important hub for eSports. But the games industry is not just about entertainment. It is also an important economic factor: according to a study commissioned by the Senate, Berlin is currently home to 140 companies in the games sector with more than 2,000 employees and 250 million Euros turnover. Berlin offers good conditions for games companies.“

Michael Liebe, CEO Booster Space & Head of #gamesweekberlin: „Ever since #gamesweekberlin was founded, we have been pursuing the goal of connecting business, technology and culture through the umbrella brand. As the organiser, we would like to see the various players meeting one another during this week and forging new contacts. The participants of the individual events may have different goals and backgrounds, but the subject of games provides a common ground for creating networks and enabling partnerships to grow. The  #gamesweekberlin brings people together!“

The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg supports #gamesweekberlin and several of its individual events. More information and tickets at .

Twitter: @gamesweekberlin, #gamesweekberlin

Sponsoring Partner: Kickstarter, King, game – Verband der deutschen Games-Branche, Ubisoft Berlin / Ubisoft Blue Byte, Unreal Engine

So much more information and event details HERE!

Among Other Things..



EA Play

EA Play 2017

Direct Link

Are you ready to PLAY? For the second year in a row, Electronic Arts is hosting one of the biggest and best chances to get hands-on with their upcoming games.

From June 10 – 12, 2017, we’re bringing the action to Hollywood, and you are personally invited to attend. Be the first to play Star Wars™ Battlefront II and our next Need for Speed™ game, as well as upcoming EA SPORTS™ titles: Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18 and NBA LIVE 18. There will be a lot to see and do, so don’t miss out. Get your tickets today – they’re FREE!

Click Here to Get Your EA PLAY Tickets

There is no cost to attend EA PLAY, but as you might guess tickets are limited, and available while supplies last.

For those at home, EA is inviting players to tune in to “Live @ EA PLAY”, a 90-minute show streamed live from L.A. on This special broadcast will bring viewers inside EA PLAY with in-depth gameplay walkthroughs, conversations with the development teams and behind-the-scenes looks at EA’s hottest games.

Visit the EA PLAY website to learn more about the event and follow them on Twitter to stay up to date on all things EA PLAY.

Note: Attendees under 18 years old must attend with a parent/guardian. Tickets are required for all attendees. Parents/guardians must sign a waiver at registration.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant and more NBA Off Season

So if you are a sports fan like I am, there have been many story lines you have been following through the end of spring into summer (NBA finals, professional golf, MLB ect ect). Since there is so much to go over let’s just latch onto the story that got me out of bed early in the morning on my day off… Kevin Durant and his adventures in free agency. So first and foremost I think he did it like a BALLER, inviting the interested teams to come speak to him while he was enjoying the off-season… in the Hamptons! It was saying “if you want to hire me, you need to come show me why working for you is better than anywhere else… oh and I’m not going to interrupt my relaxation anymore than I have to.” I love it! So each potential team came with their A-game presentations to try and sway arguably the second best playing in the league (top 3 at least) to pick their city and their team. Oklahoma City, the team he has played for since the teams inception, felt strong knowing the kind of man Kevin Durant is. He has laid the foundation for basketball in that town, being one of the biggest stars in the world for the only professional sports team there, and being inducted to the Oklahoma hall of fame not too long ago.

They also have his good friend and ultra-talented Russell Westbrook who together with Durant played out of his mind this year… especially during their deep playoff run. So things looked good for them to keep him, sign him to a one or two year deal then when the salary cap moves up next year structure a deal that no team could match money-wise. But all along Kevin said this was going to be a basketball decision. Teams like Miami, Boston, and the Clippers all offered some great options. Pat Riley probably laid his rings on the table, told him to look at what he did for D-Wade and LeBron… come win titles and party in South Beach! The Celtics signed Al Horford, one of the best power forwards in the game, have a wealth of cap space/draft picks and a great young coach to build the team just how KD would want. LA flashed him the idea of playing with basically some of the most talented and popular players in the league and build their own Fab Four. With that being said… there’s Golden State.

Let’s cut to the chase… KD is going to be a Warrior next season, and the thought is absolutely ridiculous. With Durant, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, Dub City will have four of the NBA’s top 20 (if not 15) players. Think about that… that means each one of those guys is better than the best player on just about half of the teams in the league! So we all know the Warriors score like no one else in the history of the league… so you might think “how will Durant fit in that lineup?” He is a premier shooter, he can pass, he is a rebounder, he can finish in the paint, oh and he is also one of the most prolific scorers in the league that had to play along side one of the most ball-in-hand players in the league (Westbrook) for years. I think he will do just fine. So strap on your seat belts folks… next season should be a wild one!