Yupitergrad was just released on January 28th for the Oculus Quest. It was originally released for the PC on August 27th of 2020 and it will also be released for PSVR in 2021. Yupitergrad was developed by the Polish game studio, Gamedust. They are a relatively new studio that is focusing on cutting edge gaming technology such as virtual reality. Yupitergrad has been described as a “Tarzan-style-platformer'”. This is because the player must use suction cups that shoot from their hands to navigate the game’s levels. This mechanic is especially interesting to see in virtual reality.

Cosmonauts on Jupiter don’t have it easy.

Leave the Motherland

In Yupitergrad, you play as a Slavic cosmonaut. The game is set on a base off the atmosphere of Jupiter. You’ll be navigating throughout the station and into space as you move through the game’s story. As a VR game, it can be especially thrilling to use grappling hooks and boosters to fly around over 50 different levels in the game. Plus, Yupitergrad’s stylized art style plays into the experience that the game tries to draw you into. It also features an original soundtrack that adds to the cosmonaut experience.

There’s plenty of content to play through in Yupitergrad, considering how many levels are in the game.

Shoot Towards the Future

Despite the game’s initial release having occurred last August, there have been free updates that have added some content and polished certain features. The controls have been improved, new levels have been added, and a time attack mode has been implemented into the game. As the game is being released on different platforms, it’s also still being worked on and made better. The game is only $14.99, so it’s one of the more affordable VR games. If you’re interested in a VR platformer with a whacky theme at its core, consider giving Yupitergrad a try.

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