Video Games can Help with Addiction

Original Author: Micah Norris

Recovering from an addiction isn’t easy. But by leaning on hobbies and activities you already love as part of your path to recovery, you can make the most of this journey. For instance, video games can actually be a healthy part of your approach to addiction recovery! If you’re curious about trying new games or improving your skills, you can look to Chris Jones Gaming for tips. Furthermore, here’s how to find the right addiction treatment center and why video games can help you throughout your recovery process.

Seek Inpatient Rehab First

It should be noted that no matter which habits or hobbies you might want to incorporate into your recovery path, you need to seek professional help, too. Look up your own in-state addiction treatment options to find a treatment center in your area that suits your specific needs and budget.

There’s no denying that rehab can be expensive, but depending on your insurance coverage, you may not have to pay the sticker price to enroll in a program, as most centers do accept plans from major insurance providers. Just get in touch with your insurance provider to verify if you have coverage for addiction treatment. As you research potential facilities, consider details like the accommodations, the treatment approaches they offer, the location, and their accreditation. Of course, it’s also a good idea to look up reviews from previous patients.

Gaming With Friends

Many people who struggle with addiction feel isolated and lonely. Multiplayer games can help you combat this loneliness and stay connected with your friends. LevelSkip states that multiplayer video games create opportunities for collaboration and teamwork, which can ultimately help boost the players’ social skills in the long run.

Set Healthy Goals

When you’re dealing with an addiction, it can feel like your goal of achieving sobriety will always be out of reach. Video games provide you with an opportunity to set goals that you can achieve with consistent effort. This is an important lesson that you can carry over into other areas of your life, including the recovery process.

Gain a Sense of Control

Addiction can make you feel like you’re out of control. You may feel the substances you’ve been using took away your agency within your own life. Video games can help you regain a sense of control and autonomy over your decision-making. Well and Good states that while the world is chaotic and unpredictable, actions within video games lead to predictable outcomes, which can make you feel calm, grounded, and confident.

Enjoy a Temporary Distraction

Sometimes, escapism is necessary. When you’re in treatment for your addiction, you might spend lots of time thinking about your past, the mistakes you’ve made, and the challenges ahead of you. Thankfully, video games can immerse you in another world and pull you into an engaging story, which provides a welcome distraction from your addiction and the ups and downs of rehab.

The Comfort of Nostalgia

Finally, playing video games that you enjoyed as a child can bring you back in time. Nostalgia can provide relief from the struggles of addiction and treatment. Playing the video games that you loved when you were younger can help you connect with the person you were years ago and allow you to recapture that innocent feeling once again.

Video games aren’t just a source of fun and entertainment. As long as you maintain smart limits on your gaming time, they can also help you overcome challenges like addiction. With these tips, you’ll be prepared to find an in-patient treatment facility and integrate gaming into your new lifestyle.

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