The Ultimate Borg

What made the ‘Ultimate Universe‘ much more fun?

This did.

Stardate 2007

I was leading a team of extremely talented individuals who were dedicated to making the 2006 PC version of Star Trek: Legacy into something much more than it was.

We were lucky enough to obtain actual visuals of the Borg used in the movie Star Trek: First Contact.

This was the result.

This video is one of highest viewed videos on my YouTube Gaming Channel.

A foreboding shadow looms over the horizon, as the most lethal enemy known to the Federation makes its debut in this installment of the Ultimate Universe Mod for Star Trek: Legacy.

The Borg have returned in all their horrific glory as a fully functional and challenging opponent to even the most daring of Legacy Captains. Play historical battles involving the Borg with new enemy tactics and a new model.

Complimenting the historical missions derived from material you’ve previously seen in the series, a new and disturbing view of the future will showcase all new and original missions involving the Ultimate Universe’s canon offering…the Ultimate Borg.

Prepare yourself, for a Borg like you’ve never seen before. The Ultimate Borg. A collaborative effort from Derek Chester (the Legacy campaign story author), Mindwipe, and Moonraker.

This was released late spring 2007. The video shows off the actual First Contact Cube, and is my favorite Ultimate Universe video of 2007.

Lots of Battle footage from Derek Chester and myself. I am VERY proud of this production by Phillip Morris. Kudos, my friend.