Who has the Right Voice for your Game?

Got a Game? Who has the Right Voice for that Game? Someone with Passion! Having spearheaded a major game modification that garnered 10 of thousands of downloads, I have an idea of what is needed as far as voices go in a game. I added my own voice, and many others, to our modification.

Who has the Right Voice for your Game

Your Game’s greatness depends on your public perception, and will be enhanced greatly by the voices you choose. The final voice decisions begin with a conversation. The conversation is where I can gain insight into your personal aspirations and core values. This is essential for me to understand how you want to portray a character within the game.

I have a Gaming background, the game modification I spoke of earlier was for Star Trek: Legacy known as, ‘The Ultimate Universe‘.

Regarding my Voice: My original Love for Radio translated into sales for a few years and came into a new light in early 2019 when I began accepting clients in need of a new ‘Voice’ for Games, Social Media, website advertising, in addition to anything that needs a new sound, a new perspective, or a fresh take.

You get a professional specializing in voicing in addition to producing your gaming voice. This is an absolute passion, as well as a full time labor of love that has me as a member of the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce. It starts with you and I having a conversation. 518-223-6044 chrisjones@chrisjonesgaming.net. This is what I sound like!

I wear a Bowtie and know a bit about voiceover, so hence the tagline..

The Bow Knows VO - The Right Voice