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Wanted Killer VR

Wanted Killer VR

BERLIN – 25 April, 2018 – Get set for fast-paced action and innovative bullet-time shooting in Wanted Killer VR—a stylized high-octane FPS coming to Steam Early Access in May 2018.

Created by Berlin-based developer Playsnak, Wanted Killer VR casts you as a member of the clandestine WK4 group – an elite team of agents sent in to protect the weak and oppressed when lesser heroes bail out. Only by upgrading your characters and weapons will you stand a chance against the evil GENETIC MINDS Corp., its maniacal private army, and ruthless CEO. So get ready to stretch your skills – and ammo supplies – to the limit as you battle countless enemy types and bosses, from mad scientists to fiendish firefighters.
As you progress through the single player campaign, skill challenges, or wave-based survival mode, a unique brand of teleport system lets you experience player-driven bullet time shooting with a twist. Paired with a flow-based combo system that invites you to take out enemies in style, Wanted Killer VR allows for unparalleled strategic combat as you dash between opponents and complete diverse challenges in spectacular settings – including skyscrapers in the clouds, a mysterious genetics lab, and an ever-changing subway station.
The game is loosely based on the eponymous mobile game Wanted Killer created by Korean developer nChant Interactive. While it resorts to the mobile game’s assets, it features all-new gameplay, story and progression, thus making it its own game as opposed to just a VR port.

Wanted Killer VR
Wanted Killer VR Subway Flamethrower

Game Director Comments

Game Director on Wanted Killer VR, Patrick Esteves, said: “We set out to create a game that blends over-the-top B-movie type characters and storyline with innovative VR gunplay. Our goal at Playsnak is first and foremost about how the gameplay feels and how it can push VR forward. For Wanted Killer VR we found that by combining a variety of interesting weapon types, unique gun steal mechanics, and an innovative approach to teleport, we have made something that we think VR gamers will appreciate. The cherry on top was adding stylized graphics to the mix that really highlight the game’s ‘arcadey’ feel. We’re bringing Wanted Killer VR to Early Access very soon which gives us the amazing opportunity to share our progress with the community and use our players’ suggestions to tweak our dev roadmap and ultimately increase the quality of the game.”


Wanted Killer VR will be available on Steam Early Access in May 2018. Visitors and press attending gamesweekberlin can be among the first to experience the all-action shooter when Playsnak takes it to the show floor of Gamefest in Säälchen Berlin on April 27 and 28. As well as showing off Wanted Killer VR, Playsnak will be giving gamers a chance to sample futuristic hoverbike racer Neon Seoul: Outrun at the same event.

See more of Wanted Killer VR at the game’s official website, , and join the community at

Wanted Killer VR
Wanted Killer VR Sub Machine Gun

About Playsnak

Founded in 2015, Playsnak is a global next-generation games company with offices in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, USA. Playsnak strives to create groundbreaking experiences for the maturing VR and AR markets. For more information, please visit .



Play The Game! #gamesweekberlin 2018 from 23 – 29 April is expecting around 15,000 visitors..

GAMESWEEKBERLIN, 17 April, 2018.

Berlin is poised to become the capital of the games world: around 15,000 visitors are expected to attend #gamesweekberlin 2018 which will kick off Monday (23 April) with the Opening Gala and the presentation of the newly created Medienpreis Games at Säälchen (Holzmarktstr. 25) in Berlin. Twelve individual events for both gaming enthusiasts and representatives of the games industry are gathered under the umbrella brand which combines different aspects, subjects and target groups of the sector.


Berlin as the city with the highest concentration of games companies in Germany is the ideal venue for #gamesweekberlin. An indication of the popularity of games in Germany is shown by the most recent figures from game, the association of the German games industry. In 2017, the German games market posted growth of 15% to more than 3.3 billion Euros turnover and thus surpassed the 3 billion Euros mark for the first time.


At a press conference on 16 April, 2018, the organisers and partners of #gamesweekberlin introduced the extensive and wide-ranging programme of the twelve events, presented the latest figures for the sector, and also launched the new English-language platform „Games Capital Berlin“ (www.gamescapitalberlin ) which serves as an important information tool for the German and international games industry to provide information about Berlin in its role as a games hub.

eSports and More

Michael Müller, Governing Mayor of Berlin: “I hope the participants of the #gamesweekberlin will have exciting events and a good time in Berlin. The field of games is part of our city’s great innovative potential and has significantly gained in importance in recent years. This has also resulted in Berlin developing, among other things, into an important hub for eSports. But the games industry is not just about entertainment. It is also an important economic factor: according to a study commissioned by the Senate, Berlin is currently home to 140 companies in the games sector with more than 2,000 employees and 250 million Euros turnover. Berlin offers good conditions for games companies.“

Michael Liebe, CEO Booster Space & Head of #gamesweekberlin: „Ever since #gamesweekberlin was founded, we have been pursuing the goal of connecting business, technology and culture through the umbrella brand. As the organiser, we would like to see the various players meeting one another during this week and forging new contacts. The participants of the individual events may have different goals and backgrounds, but the subject of games provides a common ground for creating networks and enabling partnerships to grow. The  #gamesweekberlin brings people together!“

The Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg supports #gamesweekberlin and several of its individual events. More information and tickets at .

Twitter: @gamesweekberlin, #gamesweekberlin

Sponsoring Partner: Kickstarter, King, game – Verband der deutschen Games-Branche, Ubisoft Berlin / Ubisoft Blue Byte, Unreal Engine

So much more information and event details HERE!

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