Star Trek Discovery

Star Trek Discovery

I have to admit that I was not a fan of┬áStar Trek Discovery in the beginning. I saw some inconsistencies in the timeline, like Tribbles, site to site transport, and Klingons that don’t look like Klingons, at least not how I know them. At first glance it looks like a JJ Abrams type reboot, which at first, caused me to take pause.

There has been some mention, I’ve been reading other people’s opinions and things, that the Captain is unethical, Starfleet’s FIRST unethical Captain.


I disagree with that assessment. Captains Kirk, Picard in addition to Sisko, Janeway and Archer were all mentioned as exceptional captains. That leads me to believe that a lot of not so exceptional captains exist. The Captain of Discovery is one of those slightly unethical captains but he’s getting the job done, living on the edge. Starfleet needs people like that. The show continues to grow on me. It didn’t grow on me first. I see a lot of Discovery bashing, saying it is looking like the JJ universe along with other such things but no, I think the show will do well.

In Conclusion, There’s room for Discovery. All these people that are crying foul that it looks like JJ or it looks like something just not Star Trek, keep an open mind. Many people like ‘The Orville’ which, I love that show, as well as Discovery. I’m very interested to see how Star Trek Discovery plays out. I read that it’s going to be leading up to TOS. The Spore drive may develop a flaw which renders it useless, one of the things leading up to TOS. I say give this thing a chance, let it go.

Side note: The Harry Mudd character was done well, I thought.

Star Trek: Online!