Sea of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves: Make yourself heard on the storm-struck seas

Rare’s shared world pirate romp Sea of Thieves is coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 PC in early 2018, and this final stretch of pre-launch development sees a wealth of new features falling into place.

The latest reveal in Rare’s regular video exposés is the non-verbal communication system. There is still an emphasis on the importance of voice chat. However, the ability to use non-verbal comms means that players who are unable to (or choose not to) use a microphone can still contribute as well as communicate effectively. This happens as they hit the seas in search of buried gold, uncharted lands or unpredictable encounters with other crews. Key phrases in non-verbal comms also have the bonus of automatic translation to crewmates from different countries!


In the video below, Community Video Manager Jon McFarlane goes behind the scenes in one of Rare’s development barns to sit with Senior Designer Andrew Preston for a demo of this still-evolving system.

Many additions will be made available soon to players in the Sea of Thieves Technical Alpha. Sign up to the Insider Programme for a chance to play in these sessions ahead of the game’s early 2018 launch:

To keep up with the other new features swarming the decks as Sea of Thieves rides the tide to launch day, visit the game’s official YouTube channel. Weekly video drops range from Developer Gameplay sessions to behind-the-scenes interviews and podcasts with the Rare team:

Sea of Thieves - Chris Jones Gaming
Sea of Thieves – Chris Jones Gaming
Sea of Thieves - Chris Jones Gaming
Sea of Thieves – Chris Jones Gaming

About the Developer:

UK-based developer Rare has been making memories and redefining gaming genres since 1985. They have been exclusively on Microsoft platforms since joining Microsoft Studios in 2002. Since then, the studio’s pursuit of innovation and quality has led to the creation of Xbox Avatars, and the double BAFTA-winning Kinect Sports titles. Their accomplishments also include Kameo and Viva Piñata. This adds to a stable that already holds Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, and Perfect Dark. They celebrated an incredible heritage with the Rare Replay anniversary collection in 2015. The studio is now forging ahead with brand new shared world adventures in Sea of Thieves.