Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is a simulation strategy game where you are tasked with building an intergalactic factory system. The game was released to Steam Early Access on January 21st. The 5-person team of developers, Youthcat Studio, anticipate that they will continue to work on the game for about a year before it receives its full release. Gameplay currently consists of collecting energy and resources, then designing complicated production lines. Eventually, you’ll turn a relatively small workshop into a galaxy-wide industrial empire.

A colossal Dyson Sphere is a sight to behold.

A Vast and Unique Universe

If you haven’t already heard of it, a Dyson Sphere is an incredible theoretical megastructure that orbits around a star and harnesses its energy. This would let an intergalactic civilization survive across multiple planets. A Dyson Sphere is just one of many late-game goals for a player once they get their industrial empire going. The game starts the player off on a planet with a mecha (a controllable robot) where you need to harvest resources and use them to start your factory. As your facilities grow, you can expand further into the procedurally generated universe and fully exploit the galaxy’s resources.

The game’s factory construction system is reminiscent to other factory building sims.

The Sky is Limit

The ultimate plans for Dyson Sphere Program are very ambitious. The developers plan to add a great deal of content into the game at some point. They claim that there are already hundreds of hours of content in the game with much more to come. There are plans to add more customization options for buildings and mechas, more types of structures to build, more types of planets and celestial bodies to discover, more cosmic events to unfold, more music and sounds, and even alien monsters to defend against. Although the graphics look great, there is still a lot of polish needed before the game is complete. There’s also still plenty of room for improvement in translating the game to English. But, all in all, Dyson Sphere Program shows promise as a simulation strategy game in space. If you’re interested, it’s currently on sale on Steam until January 27th.

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