This is Chris Jones Gaming. Under Construction. On April 30th, 2016 we suffered a database loss.

I am all about the history of this network. Chris Jones Gaming has a rich history, as outlined below (story incomplete as of 22 May, 2016). The purpose of this site is to bring it all together, and to bring you ongoing gaming fun. I have ideas on what I want to do here, but alas this is not a paid job, so the 'repairs' to the site will be as time permits - there are other web projects commanding my attention as well. Stay Tuned.

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For some really cool gaming news and analysis, go here! I love this site - VGCHARTZ

History of Chris Jones Gaming - from memory.

In 2006 I had been modifying Starfleet Command games for quite some time, and was part of an organization that was involved in tournaments, among other things, with Starfleet Command: Orion Pirates. Regarding the Starfleet Command days - I must pay tribute to, and Xenocorp. as they, and specifically Frey Petermeier, hosted my SFC mods for an extended period of time. Kudos! In early 2007 a fantastic group of internet friends had joined up to form Chris Jones Gaming. The basis of the formation of this group came out of a game called Star Trek: Legacy. I had decided to gather up the best talents, past and present, that I had worked with to do a full scale modification of that game, called The Ultimate Universe, to make it as true to the original Star Trek as possible. It was quite the undertaking, but well worth it in the long run. This story will be expanded upon and I encourage input as I may forget someone - trust me - it's not on purpose. A portion of our history is on two other sites ( and


Domain names associated with Chris Jones Gaming - and their history. I still own all these domains, and will forever. - Aquired in early 2007 as the hub, where it all comes together - site crash and database loss on April 30th, 2016. Hindsight tells me that these other domains were not really needed, and that we could have done everything we were doing under this domain. In 2007 were all excited about the mod - and had the idea that the other domains would be needed.

Subdomain: - The place where the Ultimate Universe Mod Team got together to discuss everything mod related, and more. Database loss on April 30th, 2016 - we have a backup, rebuild will take time due to real life and all..

Subdomain: - now defunct - for a while was a database of chrisjonesgaming images, mostly to do with the Ultimate Universe. - Aquired on Feb. 17, 2007 as the main site for The Ultimate Universe Mod for Star Trek Legacy - eventually redirected to a place on May come full circle with this - and reuse the original domain name. Needs a rebuild due to database loss of 30 April 2016. - Aquired in 2006 but let go, by my own ignorance, in 07. It was picked up by someone who tried to sell it back to me for stupid money. I waited him out and re-aquired it, but by then the .net was all the rage. - Nothing but a place to put stuff, for lack of a better term. This domain was aquired because we were running low on space on the .net domain. At the time we were on Hostgator, and it was inexpensive. - Originally a well done wiki site - outlining details of the Ultimate Universe. It got badly hacked and was discontinued - became a video site for a brief time - now redirects to .net - I had an idea to turn Chris Jones Gaming into a business and go with this name - neither of which happened. It now redirects to .net - originally started as a gaming podcast site by my UK friend Mindwipe, after a bit was turned it into a video sharing site using php motion software. The video sharing idea originated with Ken Glover - who owns and runs OnTheAirTV. The video sharing for gamers was started as part of On The Air Tv, and became Video Chris Jones, which morphed into Gaming Unlimited Tv (after Mindwipe transfered the domain to me) The entire phpmotion idea with regard to Chris Jones Gaming was discontinued in early 2013, and was archived on Chris Jones Gaming (site crash April 30, 2016). These days this domain is just used as a place to put stuff. I could do that under the domain, but I have fond memories of this domain. It's a keeper.

Here is a now dated video on this idea from July 2012, outlining some history.

The gaming sites are a hobby, as time permits. Chris Jones Gaming is, and always has been, a non-profit organization.

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